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What is the Gospel of Matthew?  A one man live dramatic presentation of The Gospel of Matthew verse by verse


How long is it? There are several presentation options of various lengths, please see our Presentation Options button on our website www.TGoM.Info


How do people see it?  For a list of live events near you, please go to our events page on Facebook or see our home page for upcoming events. 


How can I book this presentation at my venue, church, or organization, etc.?  Please call our events manager Shary Dyer 404.433.7111 or send correspondence by e-mail to or call Chris Britt 404.509.3333 or send correspondence by e-mail to


What are the costs associated with booking this presentation?  There are many presentation options and each has varied suggested honorariums.  Please contact call our events manager Shary Dyer 404.433.7111 or send correspondence by e-mail to or call Chris Britt 404.509.3333 or send correspondence by e-mail to


Why is it just one presenter?  The Lord impressed on the presenter to learn The Gospel of Matthew as this gospel was life changing and life giving in his life.  The format of the presentation was developed by our director in an effort to keep the presentation simple and focused on the Word of God.


Why is the presentation in modern-day clothing?  God says His Word will by no means pass away - Matthew 24:35.  God's Word is eternal, current and alive and because this is a presentation vs. a production; costumes might create a distraction to the focus which is God's Word.


What kind of set is used?  There are three props: a ladder, a chest and a stool.  The presentation has been presented without any props as presented in Israel.  


Are there any video, orchestra and/or lighting elements in the production?  For larger venues and as requested, we are creating video elements to compliment the production.  For certain venues, it might be necessary to provide a live feed for video monitors.  Please contact our events manager for more details.


Who/what is Ropha Productions?  Ropha Productions is our production company that produces The Gospel of Matthew.  Ropha Productions was created as a Christ centered production company that desires to challenge and encourage our industry, audience and associates with productions that honor and glorify God.


What does Ropha mean?  Ropha or Rapha or Rophi means "healing."  As in Jehovah Ropha - The LORD is our healer. 


Who is Chris Britt?  An Atlanta Georgia native who worked as actor in Los Angeles only to be called to leave Hollywood and follow God's plan and purpose for his life.  Chris is committed to presenting productions that honor God.  He lives in Georgia with his wife and four boys.  For more information on Chris, please visit his "bio" page on this website.

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