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Though born at St. Josephs Hospital in Atlanta GA just months after the 6 day war in Israel and 4 years to the very day of Martin Luther Kings “I have a dream” speech and while many years later portraying Jesus Christ in the 33rd year of the Atlanta Passion (incidentally the age of Jesus Christ when He died and was resurrected from the cross), Chris Britt is certainly not Jesus Christ born of Joseph and Mary in Israel.  However, as long as he can remember, Chris has had a dream and passion of performing for diverse audiences in productions that change lives.


At 19, Chris Britt departed his Atlanta home for Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams to become an actor.  While making a living and beginning to make a name in Tinsel town, his dreams began to materialize, but the material that makes up his soul was decaying.  Not having direction for his convictions or a mission for his passion…he stalled.


Raised by a single mom who remained in Atlanta and no father figure of which to call for wisdom, he called on his Holy Father for guidance.  Not long after, Chris received a personalized Bible from a friend and the words from this book would fill his life and gradually feed and fulfill his soul.  A new journey would begin by opening the beginning chapter of this book, the New Testament, the “Gospel of Matthew.”


Now with a rejoicing heart and many years later, it remains Chris’ desire to spill into the lives of others the truth that changed his own life.  Chris presents all 28 chapters of the Gospel of Matthew to live audiences, performing each character with a very personal and believable portrayal. 


Following Christ and the vision of an international mission, Chris who is supported by his wife and four sons and a team of Christ followers, currently presents the "Gospel of Matthew" to diverse audiences at various venues internationally.

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